Some musical purists say that the only type of piano to have is a grand piano as these instruments have the best sound of all, but what happens if you don’t have room for one? Upright pianos are a compromise between design and space, but the belief that an upright piano doesn’t have good sound is a fallacy. Without explaining too deeply, the basic difference is in the action of the pianos. In short, a grand piano gives you more control over your playing. Beginners and even many intermediate players don’t have the ability to exert such control, so an upright piano is perfectly fine for their needs.

We carry well-made upright pianos that give students and professionals alike a natural feel along with crisp sound from Mason & Hamlin, Weber, Young Chang and Kurzweil in a variety of affordable price points.

I was interested in knowing all i could about a used piano versus a brand new one, or even a digital. This place REALLY KNEW what to show me! In fact, almost overkill to my poor brain and senses. But i was able to decide and my wife and me are so happy with our new piano! WAY TO GO Gentry Music & Arts.

Hugo C.

YP Review