Classically beautiful, luxurious and elegant are characteristics of all grand pianos. The top reasons for buying one are the sound, look, quality and action. Its long strings create full and balanced tones along with impeccable sounds. Grand pianos sound like no other as they have long strings and a large soundboard. The longer the strings and the bigger the soundboard, the fuller the sound will be.

Grand pianos use gravity, instead of springs, to pull the hammer back into its resting position, which is why musicians have more control over the instrument. Gravity is faster than springs so a grand piano has quicker action, which aids in the playing of faster music. These instruments also have more room for vibration, giving them overall better and purer tone.

These pianos come in different sizes such as concert grand, parlor grand and boudoir grand, one of which is perfect for you. The staff at Gentry Music & Arts will help you select the one that is meant to be yours.

I was interested in knowing all i could about a used piano versus a brand new one, or even a digital. This place REALLY KNEW what to show me! In fact, almost overkill to my poor brain and senses. But i was able to decide and my wife and me are so happy with our new piano! WAY TO GO Gentry Music & Arts.

Hugo C.

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