In the last two decades, electronic musical instruments have come a long way. Nowhere is this more evident than with digital pianos. Some instructors prefer having their students learn on a digital instrument. If you have been advised by your instructor to buy a digital piano, our staff will help you select the one that best suits your playing style. Musical genre and the level of proficiency can affect the digital piano that you choose. You’ll also want to learn about the sound and touch sensitivity of the models that interest you.

Digital pianos come in three basic types, tabletop or portable, upright and grand. We carry a full line of Kurzweil digital pianos to meet your needs. Whatever your reason for buying a digital piano, you’ll need solid knowledge to work with one. It’s a good idea to thoroughly try out models that you are considering. Digital pianos also have a number of options that can make selection even more confusing. In addition to function, you’ll have to consider the number of voices and effects, such as chorus, delay and reverb. Most also include a USB port to provide full MIDI access. Many models also have sound libraries and built-in amplifiers that allow musicians to hear their playing without external amplification.

I was interested in knowing all i could about a used piano versus a brand new one, or even a digital. This place REALLY KNEW what to show me! In fact, almost overkill to my poor brain and senses. But i was able to decide and my wife and me are so happy with our new piano! WAY TO GO Gentry Music & Arts.

Hugo C.

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