Choosing a piano can be a difficult proposition. After all, the market has so many different brands of pianos that are offered. When you come into our store, we’ll take the time to discover your needs or those of your child, if you are buying for a student. With many years of experience, Gentry Music & Arts knows the piano industry inside and out. We have pianos from a variety of reputable manufacturers such as:

  • Mason & Hamlin
  • Weber
  • Young Chang
  • Baldwin
  • Kurzweil

Whether you’re looking for a fancy piano or upright piano, we have the knowledge and the expertise to recommend an instrument that will provide you with hours of musical enjoyment. Many factors should be addressed when buying a piano. You can buy “too much” or “too little” piano depending on your needs. That’s why it’s essential for us to sit down and learn a little bit about you. At Gentry Music & Arts, we are committed to helping people unlock joy, fun and community through music. We love helping you find the perfect musical instrument whether you are a novice or a veteran performer.


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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are available in 3 basic styles; portable, upright and grand. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a digital piano, our experts recommend learning of the key features that are important to you, the differences in manufacturers and how that lines up with your needs. Stop in and browse, play and ask all the questions you would like. That’s why we are here!

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos, sometimes called vertical pianos, have come a long way in delivering deep bass, tone, durability and playability. When design and space are important elements in your piano purchase, you will be very pleased with the correct upright piano purchase. Let us help to provide details our years of experience can lend. We look forward to seeing you.

Grand Pianos

When you see the majesty of grand pianos, and hear them being played, you know right away they were properly named. Grand pianos are available in different sizes and provide the premium sound available due to more room for vibration, giving them the purest of tone.

Baby Grand Pianos

Baby Grand pianos are a smaller version of the grand piano, making them a unique choice for advanced students and professionals alike. With care and proper tuning, you will be ecstatic with the years of rich and responsive sound delivered.

I was interested in knowing all i could about a used piano versus a brand new one, or even a digital. This place REALLY KNEW what to show me! In fact, almost overkill to my poor brain and senses. But i was able to decide and my wife and me are so happy with our new piano! WAY TO GO Gentry Music & Arts.

Hugo C.

YP Review