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If you want to expand your musical prowess beyond acoustic or digital pianos, electronic keyboards will give you that capability. A keyboard is a primarily portable instrument that is ideal for intermediate users to expand their musical horizons. Gentry Music & Arts carries an extensive range of reasonably priced electronic keys manufactured by Kurzweil and Casio. Multi-function keyboarda are a good place for keyboardists to begin to experiment with sampling and using a wide variety of tones and voices. The purpose of a keyboard is not to create a realistic piano sound but to implement an array of electronic and synthesized sounds. Like digital pianos, many also incorporate MIDI interfaces and a large sound library to further expand your capabilities.

Keyboard Care

Remember that acoustic pianos, digital pianos and keys instruments all need varying levels of periodic care. As your experienced local musical instrument store, Gentry Music & Arts can also keep your instrument in prime working condition after your purchase. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have regarding any keyboards that we sell or service.

I was interested in knowing all I could about a used piano versus a brand new one, or even a digital. This place REALLY KNEW what to show me! In fact, almost overkill to my poor brain and senses. But i was able to decide and my wife and me are so happy with our new piano! WAY TO GO Gentry Music & Arts.

Hugo C.

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